The Donation Professional

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Four (4) eLearning modules for the Donation Professional

Acute Grief and Crisis Intervention includes the definition of grief (and acute grief), reactions to grief (physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual), grief and loss theories, meeting basic needs, and crisis intervention.

Communication Creates Context includes the importance of communication, effective communication strategies, operationalizing compassionate care, non-verbal communications, and asking questions.

Developing and Creating Professional Boundaries includes personal qualities of OPO professionals, pathological responses to continual stress, danger signals, the impact on families, building a culture of self-care, setting healthy boundaries, and basic relaxation techniques.

Managing Intense Interactions includes definition of anger (underlying feelings, expectations), managing responses to anger, de-escalating intense interactions, and conflict resolution (debriefing).

Receive 1.0 Category 1 CEPTC after successfully completing all four modules.

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Approx. 60 Minutes
ABTC: 1.0 Category 1 CEPTC

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